Cinch An Inch Challenge - December


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Get right and tight before the New Year!

THIS IS FOR BEGINNERS - ALL HOME WORKOUTS (No gym membership or gym equipment needed)

Do you struggle starting your fitness journey? Do you not know what fitness program to follow? Are you having trouble understanding what you should be eating to support your fitness goals? Then the 30-day Cinch An Inch challenge is for YOU.

This is 100% virtual and all materials will be available ONLINE only. Nothing will be shipped to you.

This challenge includes:

Access to workouts (traditional and low impact) and meal guide in the Trainerize app
Fitness assessment
Workout calendar
Daily total body workouts
Nutrition guide

Coaching by moi Diatta Harris, Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist

PRIZE INFO: The person who loses the most inches from their waist will win a set of waistbeads by

We will be using the Trainerize app and once you register you will receive a link to download and set up your profile.

Invest in your good health - you are worth it.

Don't miss out.

If you've been struggling with your fat loss, weight loss and fitness journey - this challenge will show you how to do it the healthy way without gimmicks.

Register today!

P.S. This is NOT a custom program, does not require or utilize gym equipment and is 100% virtual (online).


  • Starts December 3, 2018 - Traditional meal guide
  • Starts December 3, 2018 - Vegan meal guide


Image of Cinch An Inch Challenge -  December Image of Cinch An Inch Challenge -  December