Erase Your Waist, Build Your Base 28-Day Fitness Challenge - July 15, 2024


Image of Erase Your Waist, Build Your Base 28-Day Fitness Challenge - July 15, 2024

Are you in your 40's, starting perimenopause/going through menopause, and struggling with a growing waist and losing muscle in your booty? Then this program is what you have been looking for.

This program is designed to help women ages 40 and up to:

šŸ‘™ trim their waist,
šŸ’ŖšŸ½ build lean muscle,
šŸ‘ build a booty, as well as
āš–ļø lose the excess weight that keeps packing on year over year

This program includes:

šŸ‹šŸ½ 28-day workout plan complete with video demonstrations of the exercises
šŸ” *Private virtual group workout class over Zoom on Saturday mornings ET
šŸ„© **high-protein sample meal plan to promote lean muscle building
šŸ… grocery list and recipes for dinner
šŸ‘Æ private support group for motivation and inspiration
šŸ  workouts that can be performed at home or the gym
šŸ«·šŸ» coaching and fitness tips provided by me Coach Dee, NASM CPT and Weight Loss Specialist

Here's what you will need to be successful with this program:

At least 2 sets of hand weights
A download of the Trainerize app (FREE) - you will be prompted to do this once you sign up and I send the invitation link to the program
Fitness mat
Mini resistance bands (optional)
Positive attitude
Invest in your good health - you are worth it.

Don't miss out.

If you've been struggling with your fat loss, weight loss and fitness journey - this challenge will show you how to do it the healthy way without gimmicks.

Register today and let's get fit and fabulous in our 40's and beyond.

* Private Zoom link will be provided once signed up for the program. Prefer the camera to be on but not mandatory during the class.ā€‹
**The meal plan is based off of a 200-lb woman

This is 100% virtual and all materials will be available ONLINE only. Nothing will be shipped to you.