Cinch An Inch Nutrition Nutrition Challenge - October 2018


Image of Cinch An Inch Nutrition Nutrition Challenge - October 2018

**Next challenge begins October 1, 2018**

I am so excited to be bringing you our brand new and latest challenge. The 4-Week Cinch An Inch Nutrition Challenge is designed for women weighing 150 pounds and up, seeking a comprehensive approach to fat loss based on whole foods.

This program does not include meal replacement shakes or protein bars because I want the challengers to consume the least amount of processed food as possible and believe it or not some so-called “healthy” and “vegan” food can be highly processed.

With that said, this nutrition challenge is ideal for women who need help getting their nutrition in order, need a structured plan of what and how much to eat when, and need accountability. Also, if you are sedentary, injured or recovering from surgery this challenge is for you. If you are just getting back active or already active, this challenge is for you.

This challenge includes:

• 4, balanced, weekly meal guides (traditional) by fitness activity level: Low active (bed-ridden, recovering from surgery or limited mobility) and Active (moderate exercise and fitness activity)
• Meal plan will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks and change each week
• Meal plans also come with weekly grocery lists, calorie counts by meal, how much to eat when, dinner recipes and a portion guide.

Ready to sign up, then select the product which best fits your current body weight and activity level to get started.

Follow the meal plans as designed to optimize fat and weight loss results. If there are food intolerances and allergies please let me know. This program is probably not preferable for extremely picky eaters.

This program is NON-REFUNDABLE. This is NOT a custom meal plan. The meal plans will be provided via PDF format which will be uploaded to your Trainerize account weekly. The Cinch An Inch Nutrition challenge is not advised for pregnant or nursing women.


  • Low active
  • Active